Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sleeper Structures and the Drifters

I saw one of the “Unidentified Structures” in Mora, on the same day that I started flight ops again after spending a few weeks in one of the Hedion Universities. I couldn’t believe it, I’d missed the appearance of Caroline’s Star and thought I was going to miss these too, but there it was. The next day it had disappeared. The word among the community throughout the cluster is that these gigantic towers appeared throughout the entire cluster, but only randomly and temporarily, disappearing again after a short period of time.

Now fast-forward another week and there’s a consensus forming that they aren’t actually anything to
do with the Circadian Sleeper drones that were always found accompanying them, but that they are listening devices planted throughout the cluster, and may be associated with the Jove. Now we have evidence of the sighting of this:

This is a battleship that's been sighted somewhere near Jove space, believed to be the product of a Jove splinter faction that has been called the Drifters. Why they've been called that, I have no idea, because if they are the reappearance of the highly-advanced cyborg Jove race, then drifting will be the last thing on their machine minds.The ship has an unknown means of propulsion. The speculation is that those prongs are responsible for its propulsion by interacting directly with the quantum foam of spacetime itself. It takes the power of ten suns to do that kind of thing. That's pure Kardashev Type III-level civilisation.

So we have three events, all connected, with the first of those events - Caroline’s Star - occurring at the same time of year as the Old Earth custom that was called Christmas, which was something to do with the appearance of a ‘Star of Bethlehem’ that preceded the arrival of a deity.

Are the Drifters actually our Old Earth ancestors that have finally found us and are far in advance of us?

Are the Drifters our Gods?

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