Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Conflux: Pulsar

Lately a pattern has emerged with the 'Unidentified Wormholes' that we all know lead to the five systems in Anoikis that are occupied by the Drifter faction. The pattern is that two of those wormholes have started to appear in any given system in New Eden at the same time.

It's explorer heaven.

Last night I found two of them in Dimoohan in Khanid. One led to the Sentinel complex, the other to the Conflux complex. There was nothing in either of them that hadn't already been documented extensively by others: destroyed planets, Sleeper objects, Artemis Tyrannos etc.

The Conflux complex in J200727 is overseen by an extremely active pulsar. Never mind what else was happening in this system, the pulsar and its irregular pattern of visible emissions detained me for ages. I couldn't take my eyes off it - eyes that hard radiation would have burned out if I'd regarded the pulsar through anything other than the filtering algorithms of camera drones.

As always I get into thinking about implications and possibilities. It is not clear whether the pulsar and this system's A0 blue giant are a binary pair. Since pulsars are neutron stars, and since neutron stars are only ever formed from core-collapse supernovae, then this pulsar is visible proof that whatever event destroyed this system's planets was not the most violent thing that ever happened here.

It is often the case that the most beautiful objects in space are the most deadly.

Do not look directly upon the demon.

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