Monday, 15 February 2016

...Like Tears In Rain (Mixed With Salt)

There is a capsuleer expression associated with a version of the rage and anger that is one of the favourite empyrean mindsets:


There are four essential ingredients to salt: entitlement, a sense of injustice, and the tears of defeat and humiliation. You can mix them in any order you like, but they must all be present.

That ancient card game I occasionally dabble with has the phrase 'entitlement tilt', which is about getting angry because you were beaten when you expected an effortless win, so complacency is a vital ingredient too, although not always necessary (think of it as a luxury requirement for high-end salt).

Thanks to corp bro Garen for distributing this masterpiece of salty entitlement tilt from one of our current enemy Pandemic Horde, which was so special it arrived in Garen's personal mail, one-to-one. It's the one-liners at either end; it might not seem much, but sometimes one line is all it takes (don't forget to read the exchange in reverse order):

See the dude's mistake is to assume he's entitled to pass through our patch of Khanid Lowsec with impunity, just because he's 'on the way to null'. Just because he's got more important things to do. What a load of dreck - remember the one about 'consenting to lose your ship every time you undock?'

Some people never learn...

By means of antagonism and provocation, some people mine salt like this (like Garen did above). If you are one of those capsuleers then [PHP1] wants to hear from you. Come to Khanid and join us for premium salt-mining opportunities!

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