Friday, 11 March 2016

SOV, Yeah

 "I was drinking when I wrote this, so sue me if I make no sense..."
After an ancient and possibly apochryphal cultural hymn, believed pre-Dark Ages in origin

OK so like all capsuleer alliances we have a league table of 'kills'. The only person that registers in that 'killmail' is the immortal empyrean pilot at the heart of the ship that gets destroyed; the hundreds, nay, thousands of regular meatheads on it never get a mention.

Don't get me started...

So anyway, Outdated Host Productions is currently, at the time of writing, number one:

Not only that, but we orchestrated a spontaneous sovereignty grab in the Querious region where we took control of A3-LOG. It was done with style, panache and authority and was done while previous holders Pandemic Horde were off chasing the latest carrot dangled before them as if they were a donkey. Horde's 'strength in numbers' also makes them less responsive to sudden change. Think inertia, like battleship vs frigate. A frigate can take down a battleship if it's done right.

[image via the DOTLAN service. I have no idea what '2016' means. It should say YC118]

So we have our own pocket of nullsec. I say that this and our #1 status gives [PHP1] the right to dictate [DRWIN] policy for once.

I call for the following:

  • a new bar in our office in Gehi to replace the one in Nandeza
  • for the sector of Khanid Lowsec that we operate in to be designated the Independent Empyrean Republic of Khanidistan and for the adoption of a 'transit permit' policy (income). You can find Mobile Depots stationed at all the entry gates to the sector announcing the new name. Me and Crystalline deployed them earlier this week. Check them out if you're in the area. Go ahead and reinforce them. You won't get away with it.
  • to change the regulations on the deployment of Jump Bridges in low security space because I am so done with trekking to Amarr the long way and I can't operate a Jump Freighter yet. Yes I know it's all relative and without stargates it would take centuries to get there, but technology is there to be used. CONCORD once again tells us what we can't do, not what we can do.
  • more use of Dreads in action.
  • more use of dreads as a hairstyle, like Endiir.
  • more interceptor roams.
  • mandatory use of my combat boosters on ops.
  • recruit hackers to jack into the corrupt and biased Amarr Certified News and spread rumours that Jamyl is not dead and that she is alive and well right here in Khanidistan. Fact: Her Imperial Majesty is still in my contact list. Why is her capsuleer database profile still extant..? 

Mandatory recruitment pitch: [PHP1] is recruiting. Come to Khanid and shape the future of a region!


  1. Like your blogs! Can't believe I finally found something with Darwinism in it.

    1. Thx!

      Darwinism's adventures in Querious are far from over so stay tuned!

  2. I thought it served Mexican food at first, what with all the spices aplenty in the advert. Then I saw the name... Nando's (with the greenery embellishment).

    Had I completely underestimated the menu scope of this fine establishment? Is Nando's really an... Italian pizzeria!!

    Oh man, what a delight!

    (p.s. you should make one of those for Gehi... not sure what kind of cuisine you could find there... something utterly heart-stopping ;)

    1. Hey man, why the anonymity? I also have no idea what an 'Italian pizzeria' is. Is that a Gallente thing? I know New Eden cuisine is varied and eclectic but I've never heard of a pizzeria...