Thursday, 14 April 2016

Eight Titans In A Circle

"By the time your heart beats twice I'm already three AU away..."
Hedion University Guest Lecture Series Holovid Archives: Zafarara Fari - Advanced Covert Operations During Wartime

The news feeds lit up today with the announcement of the arrival in Amarr of no less than eight Avatar Titans, which proceeded to formate in a ceremonial circle formation in the vicinity of the trade hub and in orbit around Oris (somebody said it looked like a 'Doomsday Standoff'). Interesting that they parked here instead of orbiting Amarr Prime which is after all the seat of government, but then visibility and being seen is everything in the theocracy. It's remarkable how much being an empyrean has distanced me from the Empire's ongoing minutiae that often seems so trivial and insular when viewed with a cosmic perspective.

The Titans are carrying the parties involved in the upcoming finals of the Amarr Championships, so it won't be long now before we get to find out who the Empire's new incumbent is (I favour Catiz Tash-Murkon because the Empire badly needs a moderate in there).

As soon as I found out about this event, I dropped everything and headed to Amarr in the fastest ship I've got (my Anathema, which hits nearly 13 AU per second in warp). This could have been problematic given that once again Darwinism is under the spotlight of another bunch of casual born-to-lose 'wardeccers'. For the record: this time it's Complaints Department and Skulls & Crossbeams. Never heard of them? Me neither.

You can't let amateurs like these interrupt your business, especially when there is an important once-in-a-lifetime event underway, so I used a covert ops ship which is the default starting point in this situation, and did some pre-transit intel-gathering to establish whether any of these hobbyists were active in Amarr today (which they weren't), along with planning an alternative route to Amarr well off the usual trade routes.

When I got to the trade hub, I simply stood 80 km off from the formation under cloak and used my cam drones to check out the formation of Titans instead of being an egotistical narcissist and sitting right in the middle of them, attracting fire, gankers, 'deccers etc. etc.

Here's the result. It was actually a seriously awesome sight. All this power in one place:

If you're heading to Amarr to check out these ships, here's a word of general caution: given the nature of capsuleers it is very likely that these ships will become a magnet for suicide gankers who will use the 'tourist attraction effect' to farm unsuspecting visitors who converge on them. Just assume an egoless covert ops mindset and merge with the cosmic background like the Ghost of Omist; or if you're not inconvenienced by war then just fly a rookie ship with no cargo and make yourself valueless. Or just keep watching your back. At all times.

Re: highsec wardeccers. Wasters. Treat them like the disease they are and you'll be fine. Nobody is immortal outside the pod. Covert ops is the way forward. If any 'deccers are reading this then come to Khanid Lowsec and surf the pipe with us. Contact chief diplo Borgin at [PHP1] and name the time and place.

Amarr Ni-Kunni Victor! Jamyl Lives!

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