Saturday, 23 April 2016

[PHP1] Recruitment Adverts Part I

Lately I've been spending less time in the capsule and more time outside it, in-station, planetside etc. I'm not sure when this trend began, but it's partly because there is so much going on out there in Khanid, in our growing corporation, in the Empire and in the cluster as a whole, it's as if the effort to keep abreast of it all has prevented me from finding the time to go out there and fly.

The most important news of the last week is the culmination of the Succession Trials. The Empire is now entering the era of Empress-elect Catiz Tash-Murkon. This is excellent news for this Ni-Kunni who welcomes the ascendance to the throne of Amarr of an ethnic Udorian who spent time in the private sector. To all you True Amarr: in this choice of Empress, God's will has shown that none of you are superior to the rest of us and that change is inevitable. How's all that purity worked out for you?

I'll get into more detail about that another time...

Another project I've been heavily involved in this week is the designing of some recruitment adverts for the corporation, because we need some, and because as a Ni-Kunni, once that creativity starts it's best to just go with it (regular all-nighters in the quarters even though in a station the concept of 'night' is meaningless).

This is an initial experimental phase. There are a lot more where these came from, but for now the themes are simplicity-of-message, power, and the righteous Khanid Titan.

Expect these and more to start appearing on holovids, streams, adverts, message boards, station billboards everywhere, and maybe even those huge things that sit next to every stargate.

By the way, [PHP1] is recruiting!

* * * 

[out-of-character bit: as a fellow creative professional in RL I'm pleased to give due credit and to make clear that the above were produced using the superb 'Project Jeremy' by T'amber aka caldariprimeponyclub, which as a design utility is so unbelievably powerful that it's tempting to play it instead of the game. T'amber is looking to develop 'Jeremy' into a full 3D animation tool which would be like having your own EVE-themed film studio. Find out more here]

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