Saturday, 2 April 2016

'The North Is A Ball Of Fire And It's Beautiful'

You can't possibly have missed it.

The eruption of hostilities in the nullsec in Tribute and Branch (so far) that appears to mark the beginning of the end of one of the most persistent empyrean hegemonies in New Eden, with a ferocity and extravagance of combat that may yet dwarf anything the moribund four 'empires' have ever done.

This is an Empyrean Golden Age, even to this pacifist.

The opening battles in M-OEE8 and J-GAMP have already proven to be on a par with previous events like B-R5RB in terms of ship losses and costs, and some stats indicate this battle involved the largest-ever number of ships being present on the field of combat.

It's not even over yet. It's only just begun.

You know who the major players are, you've seen the media, so there's no need to go over it again.

As usual I, on the other hand, take an artistic and a cosmic perspective with a bit of physics thrown in for flavour.

All the reports I've seen indicate most of the combat in J-GAMP took place near the M-O stargate, which in turn is in the vicinity of the ninth planet in that system. J-GAMP also has two terrestrial planets (J-G IV and V): the details according to the zkillboard service, the DOTLAN service and others, indicate that the conflict described above would have been visible from the night side of J-G V, with most of the action being visible for a few hours after sunset.

To any planetsiders down there on V who saw it with their own eyes, the battle will have manifested as tiny brief flickers of light beside the bright gas giant; in a telescope it would have been compelling; in other parts of the EM spectrum either side of the visible, the battle would have been as bright as a supernova - all that waste heat and guns etc.

[cam drone still from the battle: Lord_Maldoror/newsfeeds. Fair use terms asserted]

However if you missed the spectacle, want to re-live it and you don't want to bother with the innumerable media feeds from it that will take a historical perspective, you'll be able to watch it again in real-time; but not yet.

We empyreans are used to living in a world that travels faster than light. Light itself is to us incredibly slow. If you observe the normal rules of the universe then at a given point in the future, take up a position on a planet or in an orbital that has line-of-sight with the J-GAMP system and focus a very big telescope on it (publicise it - make it a party). The battle in J-GAMP is already in our past, but it is yet to be visible in another location's future, and will be visible years from now in a form of delayed real-time, by virtue of a constantly-expanding spacetime information horizon moving at the speed of light (like ripples in a pond's surface). It will take time for the light from the battle in J-GAMP to catch up with you, because you, the capsuleer, can outrun that light, and you will be able to watch the battle again in 'real time'.

This information horizon will become a permanent action replay of Goonswarm's epitaph.

* * *

[#1: by the standards described above, assuming for the sake of example that the J-GAMP system is visible from our place in Nandeza which is 42 light-years away, then I should be able to tune in with a very large telescope some time during the year YC160...]

[#2: thanks to corp bro Borgin for the title quote. Serious karma there!]

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