Sunday, 15 February 2015

First Post...

OK, this blog is going to be about a rookie player getting to grips with EVE Online. I first became aware of EVE years ago, but for various reasons I never got round to giving it a try until December 2014. Previously, time, space, the wrong equipment, different interests etc. got in the way.

I did the trial account and yes, I was impressed and wanted to continue, but I came up against what I've learned is a frequent criticism: the steep learning curve and the easy familiarity of experienced players (sometimes manifesting as a kind of contempt for noobs) acting as a barrier.

Then I thought no! This game is too good to pass up and ignore - it's the kind of game you've been wanting to play for years. So at the end of January I subscribed properly, dived into this vast world and went to work creating my character, and it turns out it's not been as difficult as I thought and that the learning curve is not quite as steep as people think it is. This blog is also going to prove you don't necessarily need a maxed-out cutting edge system to run it on, because I certainly haven't. I have to run set the graphics for performance rather than absolute quality. But EVE still looks great.

From now on, this blog will be in character, first person only, and from the perspective of Ni-Kunni rookie capsuleer Cassandra Habalu, as she tries to forge her own path through the New Eden Cluster.

Here she goes...

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