The Backstory And Why This Journal Exists...

OK so I've been a regular and committed player of the MMORPG EVE Online for about two years.

I started this blog soon after I started playing the game, and I look back at some of those early posts as being childishly naive, as if I knew anything at all about this enormous, multi-layered sandbox game with its rich, player-centric and player-driven universe. Some of those early posts have now been deleted...

The reason I started this blog at all is because EVE has a backstory and a lore/canon that is as complex as any other genre of sci-fi, and I wanted to get in on it and explore it, and being a journalist and a wordsmith in 'RL' made that decision incredibly obvious and logical - I wanted to contribute.

EVE is at its core a role-playing game. If you don't subscribe to that side of it, that's your prerogative and I have no problem with that (although I do question it...). But for me, it's the be-all and end-all, the beginning and the end. I wanted to give my character - Cassandra Habalu - a life and a backstory of her own. Why did she want to become a capsuleer? How does she fit into this universe with billions - trillions - of other people in it? Who else does she meet and interact with along the way? Cassandra is on a path and it will end one day, and this journal is her diary of discovery.

I also wanted to explore the realm of the EVE Chronicles, and do some experimental, character-driven sci-fi writing of my own based on this game's marvellous and intricate canon and Cassandra's actions within it. Think of it as a fusion of in-game events, which the official EVE Chronicles don't often embrace and certainly don't on the level of individual players, and wider sci-fi principles involving the occasional trip planetside to do some worldbuilding. I try to stick to 'points of lore' wherever I can, but wherever there are gaps, I fill them in; but I claim no authority. Note: who exactly has the final say on whether anything is canon or not? Is it one person in CCP or what? Is it that guy Abraxas (who must be a Carlos Santana fan)?

In addition to Cassandra's first-person in-character journal, I may occasionally go 'Out Of Character' and embrace the game itself, as with two years' experience now, I have enough of a handle on this game to be able to comment on its mechanics and the people behind the fourth wall - its players and its developers. I won't do it too often though, and you'll know when I do because it will say 'OOC' in the title.

That then, is the explanation behind this blog. All there is left to say, is go back to the homepage and start reading Cass's journal... (see you at FanFest!)

[note: the image in the title banner is by the great Syd Mead; futurist and production designer on Alien, Blade Runner and numerous other sci-fi classics. Check out]

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