Saturday, 1 August 2015

Update From The Khanid Coalition: Escalation

The political situation here in Khanid has been heating up and is now simmering just below the boil. Over to [PHP1] boss Crystalline Entity: 

The Khanid Coalition - The Status As Of 7/YC117:

A lot has happened in the past two months. Khanid has gone from a quiet region 100%-controlled by Darwinism and Mortum Ravagers to an unstable and volatile region. Good news for the Coalition that enjoys a challenge.

First up is Nulli Secunda who have been chased out of 0.0 in fear of the new sovereighty changes. To date they have only undocked large Rattlesnake fleets (occasionally supported by a feeble number of dreads) to attack Darwinism R64 moons and when something gets aggressed on the undock. They are unimaginative 0.0 fleet peons for the most part, and living in Khanid will end their alliance through a combination of our cunning, guile, and the unstoppable morale-sapping knowledge that they abandoned lucrative 0.0 space to come and prove their worth against people with a quarter of their numbers… Pitiful!

Our combat patrols have continued on and off throughout this period and losses on both sides are beginning to mount. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

A new development hot of the press in the last 48 hours or so is that NC. (Northern Coalition.) are living in Southern Aridia. Word has reached us that the forces of Lowsechnaya have inflicted considerable casualties on them, but the sheer weight of numbers have not yet been overcome. NC. have also started taking R64 towers in Aridia and Khanid, and last week they assaulted a Darwinism tower and then amusingly a Nulli Secunda tower that previously belonged to Darwinism.

To our astonishment, instead of using Dreadnaught-class vessels as would be considered normal, they used 15 Titan-class vessels going gate-to-gate in lowsec! They of course had a small support fleet of Guardians and Fleet Issue Tempests.

A number of us were around to capture images on our holo cam recorders and as you can see it made for an impressive sight. That many Titans firing at a large tower was awe-inspiring:

I would be surprised if Nulli Secunda appears to defend their tower. They don’t appear to have the ability to fight outnumbered, or even undock for that matter.

Khanid is a region once again on fire and it is in this heat that pilots are bonded together in brotherhood and blood. Mortum Ravagers are growing. 

Fear us. 

Join us!

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