Sunday, 11 October 2015

Astero at the EVE Gate

"It is rumored that the wrecks of many ships destroyed during the gate's final days still float in the void around the EVE Gate. The lack of wreckage detected by scanners has not culled the speculation; some say that the ancient vessels have been cloaked by the Jove to prevent advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands."
Evelopedia: EVE Gate

"The fact that there is a Jove Observatory in there with it, tells you everything you need to know about that thing in principle."
Maryla Hilett - Border Regions Correspondent, The Scope ('Genesis - Origins', 06/07/117)

"I'm telling you, I know how to make one of those Sanctuary ships talk. All of them - they're exactly like the Zephyr. They monitor you, and every time you go there in one, they communicate with it. Anyway I reckon the answer is not in the floating junk around it that no-one can get to anyway. It's on that damned radiation-blasted planet. New Eden I. Something down there saw it all and recorded it in detail. I'm telling you..."
Unknown - overheard in a bar last week when I was in the SoE place around Octanneve V in Solitude

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