Saturday, 21 January 2017

Signal Cartel's Second Anniversary

Signal Cartel was founded two years ago yesterday by Mynxee and Johnny Splunk. This period of time almost exactly coincides with my own existence as a capsuleer as I was also 'founded' two years and one month ago, when Hedion University decided I was ready to be pushed out into the void in my laughably-equipped rookie ship. This parallel evolution meant I was always aware of who and what Signal Cartel was, and given that my interests always coincided with its core philosophy, it was inevitable that I would join the corporation eventually.

Signal Cartel's other philosophy of conspicuous neutrality has been very successful, in the sense that it has provided an independent base, not aligned with any of the major powers, for those capsuleers who actually have a functioning brain and a vestige of social conscience - those capsuleers who do not instinctively seek to undermine New Eden's fragile homeostasis in the pursuit of self-interest, and who don't realise that the universe always has the final say when it comes to that sort of thing.

In its time, Signal Cartel has become the premier independent advanced training organisation for enlightened knowledge-seekers and explorers. Proof of this was evident after 'Alpha Day' late last year, when over 120 new recruits joined us over the course of about two weeks. Seriously, Sanxion was recruiting about ten per hour at one point, like fishing with explosives.

So when I learned of this corporation milestone, I decided to generate some corporation propaganda to commemorate the fact:

I'm currently in Syndicate, experiencing what is probably the most ethnically-diverse, vibrant and liberal region in the cluster, and spending a lot of time in the various Intaki Syndicate stations soaking it all up. If you're there, you can expect to start seeing this virtual poster on billboards, station noticeboards and holofeeds everywhere.

Because you can't stop the signal!

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