Saturday, 19 March 2016

Darwinism Goes Fountaineering (feat. LowSechnaya)

When I got the message below I was chilling in my pod, this time mounted in the crew gondola beneath the hourglass-shaped fuselage of my extremely-heavily-armoured and therefore opportunist-denying Impel. I've assumed the back office support role of transporting the precious metals that we refine in the systems of [classified], [classified], and [classified], to trade hubs, after we've gathered them all up in a staging area in [classified]. Unexpectedly, I find that I enjoy hauling freight. This apparently makes me a bit weird according to traditional empyrean standards.

I enjoy the task because flying slow freighters gives me time to do other things like construct cutting-edge ambient mixes on the ship's audio channels as a soundtrack to the eternal verbal noise of the cluster in text form (noteworthy: EVE Radio, where people speak something other than the language of death; and the important Haulers Channel for gank intel). I was busy doing this yesterday when the NEOCOM chimed and a message came in from [PHP1] boss Crystalline Entity, who must have been on the kanar again as this time I'm being nominated as corporation press officer, which is something I do in fact approve of. 

It transpires that Darwinism has been exploring a change of scenery by daytripping in the Fountain region, a place where the suns all burn white-hot and from where you can see the edge of the galaxy - a void even bigger than the one in a Brutor's head. Some Amarrians say that if you get close enough to one of those suns in Fountain, you can see the face of God. From the images below, it looks like somebody tried it.

A change is as good as a rest. On the other hand, [PHP1] never rests.

* * *
[Gehi IX/Royal Khanid Navy/In-Station Associate Corporation Channel:[PHP1] mode:secure/yes/no/none/recipients:0022866cassandrahabalu/visuals:attached]

[msg:18/3/118 - 2023]

[Subj: Fountain!]

To the Chief Press Officer Cassandra Habalu [FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST]:

Twice in the last three days, our allies LowSechnaya Sholupen (LSH) with Darwinism (Darwin) support have attacked the station in the system of 4-EP12 in Fountain. LSH holds territory in Fountain already and Darwin is always available to support its allies.

Both times LSH have used an interesting doctrine of armour-tanked Ishtars with Oneiros logistic support. During the first battle the station in the system was reinforced before LSH and Darwin were driven off by a Proteus/Oneiros gang, and the second battle saw the Territorial Control Unit almost reinforced before the enemy turned up with Rattlesnakes,  Scimitars and triage Chimera support .

The current owners of the territory is the Black Legion remnant shard called The Culture. I expect we will be calling them the former owners soon!

Both battles saw the LSH/Darwin fleet driven off but both sides killed many ships. A killboard search will easily locate the battle reports.

I attach some cam drone stills of the engagement:

* * *

[PHP1] is recruiting. Join us!

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