Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ancestral Ni-Kunni Connections

This was a bit of a shock. I jacked-in this one time recently and spent the ship's warm-up cycle going through the usual raft of mails, messages, clearances, manifests etc., and I saw this:

This 'blue' came totally out of the blue. This isn't the first time I've been 'blued' by total strangers as this is a public journal after all, but I looked this guy up and it turns out he's from the old country:

A Ni-Kunni traditionalist with a bounty on his head. Hmmm...

A few days later I sent him a message because I couldn't stand the suspense:

 He got straight back to me:

I can't argue with that, and it looks like some serious chai is in order next time I'm in the vicinity of Mishi IV.

It has to be said: restarting the terraforming programme on the homeworld is a politically bold ambition, because terraforming is about replacing one biosphere with another, so of it's even possible on Mishi IV then it will potentially damage and even eradicate much of the planet's natural cultural heritage that people like me are working to preserve.

On the other hand, progress is inevitable and always preferable to the stagnation that has historically been a problem on the homeworld and is why so many of us emigrated, so Hamid's project deserves to be taken seriously.

The reason why all of this is noteworthy is because Hamid Alttajir is evidently another one of the apparent minority of empyreans who does not try to pass themselves off as a badass for whom violence is indistinguishable from orgasm.

Not everybody can be a badass, because there isn't enough room for a universe of badasses. There are actually some of us who became capsuleers to contribute to humanity's progress, not impede it. If you think you are a badass, you're probably not.

Don't talk-the-talk unless you can walk-the-walk. Better still, speak softly but carry a big stick.

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