Thursday, 4 June 2015

An Evolutionary Theory...

“You can’t trust any thought you have between 2 and 5 am, even though the concept of 2 and 5 am are meaningless to a space-faring culture.

It has been proven experimentally that human genetic ancestry dictates adherence to a 24-hour cycle. It’s called Circadian Rhythm. Between 2 and 5 am, the body is supposed to be asleep, but living on a large number of planets, virtually none of which conform to that 24-hour cycle, some differing widely, means universal adherence to that cycle is impossible. Moreover, natural, unaugmented evolution beyond the limits of the 24-hour cycle is also impossible when there is no common baseline evolutionary trajectory to follow, which would be the case only if the entire population of New Eden lived on one planet. Such an evolutionary adaptation also takes a far longer period of time than the current duration of humanity’s existence in the cluster (widely assumed today to be some 15,000 years).
Such evidence alone proves that humanity did not originate from the New Eden Cluster, irrespective of what the Amarrian religion may say. Further evidence includes our institutional adherence to units of time measurement that have no obvious corollary in planetary motion anywhere in New Eden.

Common themes in humanity’s in-built resistance to individual planetary adaptation include psychosis, anarchy, instinctive feelings of displacement and a suppressed migratory imperative where the desired destination is beyond an unapproachable flaw in spacetime (the EVE Gate).

It’s no wonder we always want to kill each other, and have done so continuously throughout human history.

Adaptation is only possible through cybernetic augmentation or environmental modification; yet the Jovian Disease has shown that it is possible that cybernetic and genetic augmentation can be taken too far, that the evolutionary path cannot be forced or deviated from without consequence - that trying to shift the default genetic state of the human brain too far from the instinctive, atavistic ‘legacy operating system’ as determined by our evolutionary prehistory, has universally fatal consequences.

Nature must be allowed to take its course.”

Beniel Demaud - “Who Are We? An Appraisal of Humanity’s Presence In The New Eden Cluster And Of Its Prospects For Long-Term Survival”. First published YC113, University of Caille Library Imprint.

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