Monday, 15 June 2015

The Sisters of EVE Missions Part 3: Extra-Curricular Activity

The arc of missions involving finding out what happened to the Damsel ended with a request from Alitura to head over to a CreoDron facility - the drone manufacturers - in Harerget in Sinq Laison. Delphine Xarasier is a R&D engineer for CreoDron and would be able to take a look at a Datacore I found which indicated the possibility of a Rogue Drone swarm being responsible for taking down all those Dreadnoughts in Manarq; a theory that I find absolutely laughable. However I have been known to be wrong in the past so I'll go with it for now.

I had to position from Arnon over to Harerget first. Now one of the principal tenets of capsuleer orthodoxy is 'never fly with an empty cargo hold' on the premise of always maximising the profitability of every run.

But it's not as simple as that. Some of you might be into using spreadsheets and calculating trading margins down to the last 0.01 ISK, but I can't be arsed with any of that because I am an ethnic Ni-Kunni who is an artist at heart and believes that every flight, every mission and every sector is a blank canvas upon which to paint my own piece of performance art. Sometimes I undock just to go and look at something.

Then there is salvaging. What was effectively a positioning sector became an opportunity to test new tactics against Serpentis ships (which was a novelty after so much Covenant), to clean up afterwards so as not to leave the spacelanes in such a mess, and sell the loot/salvage in the trade hub in Dodixie, which was en-route and which I've never been to before. So rookies: either never fly without an empty cargo hold or bring a salvager or salvage drones and you've got your own ongoing mobile recycling facility with 100%-guaranteed profit.

Anyway, back to work...

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