Monday, 22 June 2015

The Sisters of EVE Missions Part 6: Plots, Subplots and Sidelines

Down here in Derelik and Devoid, I got effectively used by a number of parties to clear up various messes and settle some local scores as the price for information that would further my investigation into the whereabouts of Dagan.

 So there was a bit of archaeology/grave-robbing, some more suppression of pirates and smugglers, and finally a face-off against the head of a Minor House whose former mistress had been involved in the smuggling ring in Metropolis as Dagan‘s apprentice; but killing him was actually technically at the behest of the Imperial Ministry of Internal Order and not technically to do with the Dagan thing - my Dagan thing. The root cause of this investigation was light years away in another part of the galaxy.

Then in the midst of this ‘chapter’ of the series, a message came from an Amarr agent in a nearby system asking/demanding me to head over there and conduct a side-mission that involved transporting some data caches.

See what I mean about machinations and manoeuvring and skulduggery?

The most spectacular result of all from this subset of missions was actually nothing to do with any of it: I was transiting through Eredan and decided on impulse to go and hit the ‘Natural Phenomena’ in the system, knowing that it was bound to be harbouring a camp of pirates.

Sure enough, four Sansha’s Nation ships were present, one of which was a cruiser-class vessel (a ‘True Sansha’s Ravisher’). The loot yield from this included an intact True Sansha Adaptive Nano Plating module.

The agents could wait - I made for the nearest station and spent a few hours getting it fitted. 

 In any case, I get the distinct feeling I’m going to need that armour upgrade soon. Not long after this I got new information about the whereabouts of Dagan, and the revelation that he's actually an agent for the Society of Conscious Thought, and the other revelation that Dovirch Anselm - my Ammatar contact - is an agent for the Ministry of Internal Order. It never ends...

 It’s back to Arnon and Sister Alitura next. I feel the endgame is near…

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