Monday, 18 April 2016

Behold The Return Of The Khanid Titan

Here's a history lesson:

One of the most decisive events during the Khanid Rebellion some 300 years ago was the defection of key personnel of the Amarr Third Fleet that were loyal to the Rebellion's instigator Grand Admiral Garkeh Khanid (who later assumed the title King Khanid II).  Under his leadership, they orchestrated the confiscation/theft of one of only two Avatars that the Imperial Navy possessed at the time.

That ship was the original Khanid Titan: a ship that gave the nascent Khanid Kingdom the power to repel the bitter reprisals that followed its inception and allowed it to retain independence during that most critical period.

cam drone still: Crystalline Entity. fair use terms asserted. [PHP1] is recruiting!

This is not that ship.

This is our Avatar that we keep in [classified]. We use it to put the fear of God in people** as well as use it as a jump bridge to shortcut the normal way of doing things.

Recently we had a Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating applied to it at extraordinarily vulgar expense - because the damn thing is so big and that stuff is priced by the square metre. It is now a pukka Khanid Avatar rather than just a regular cookie-cutter Avatar like everybody else's.

I'd like to say we did this in honour of King Khanid II and as a precursor to the upcoming establishment of the Independent Empyrean Republic of Khanidistan, and that is the line I will take in public; but really we did it just because now it looks awesome.

That is all...

* * *

[**Titans are more of a political weapon than a utility, because they are so huge and unwieldy that it takes a week just to decide to move one. Titans are in many ways virtually useless because of this, but don't ever let that stop you from building one, because doomsday!!]

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