Sunday, 15 May 2016

Blessed Darwinism's Reclaiming of Querious Begins

Just a short one today.

Below is a segment of flight data recorder holo featuring His Eminence Sul Glass, Bishop of the Seevadin Constellation and our own Amarrian minister capsuleer (whom nevertheless has a Sec Status of -8.4...), delivering a prayer to inspire and motivate Darwinism's intrepid capsuleers during their recent skirmish in Querious against the defunct Phoebe Freeport Republic and other godless heathens. Even the most pious of the Amarr orthodoxy in the Theology Council will be impressed by this:

Sidebar: I'm concerned about His Eminence, because his security status indicates a personal interpretation of Amarrian Scripture that is tantamount to extremism or even doctrinal schism. I say the Theology Council will be impressed, but I actually wonder if the Council really is fully aware of what he's doing?

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