Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Size Matters And Don't Ever Forget It

"That's no moon, that's a space station"
Unknown - Jovian Historical Codex

I'm content to play a peripheral role in Darwinism's ambitions for political autonomy in Khanid. However the ongoing incongruity of being a pacifist in an alliance whose principal objective is piracy is a bit problematic. I'm an artist, not a warrior. It will have been noted that I don't do criminality (although there is a slippery slope - more on that anon), but it's not like I do nothing; for example this journal is Darwinism's principal media outlet, plus there are the freight runs I participate in that generate most of [PHP1]'s income - although at the time of this writing that's on hold as we're being 'wardecced' again because PIRAT's clock-face mentality means the hands of their 'clock' are once again pointing at us (a stopped clock is right twice per day). Yesterday, previous seasonal antagonists Marmite Collective even offered to fight the 'deccers on our behalf. What the hell is that all about??

I'm also developing [PHP1]'s trading policy in the Tash-Murkon region, and it seems to be working better than I expected. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's remarkable how much more vibrant and active the region is in contrast to Khanid, which, at least from the capsuleer's perspective, is economically moribund and stagnant. Worryingly so in fact.

It's such a radical difference that I'm in the process of shifting most of my personal interests from the chilled out backwater of Danera to Tash-Murkon Prime. I just can't ignore the possibilities therein any longer. This is the fork in the road I was on about last time. The fact that the incoming Empress is also from T-M  is just a coincidence (no it isn't, not really, I just want some of Catiz's profit motive to rub off on me).

I digress again...

In other news (Ape Daily News: it's a thing now), we've built at least two of Upwell Corporation's new Citadels right here in Khanid. One of them is orbiting a terrestrial world deep within the Khanid interior where the renegade Musashibou Benkei will never find it. What a sight this thing must be from the planet's surface:

Our other Citadel is in a much more prominent location and was ceremonially visited last week by another Avatar that I didn't even know we had. Note to self: keep in touch with leadership more often - get them to send me stuff etc.. The Avatar belongs to [DRWIN] newcomers Local Spike:

So there are at least two Khanid Titans and two Citadels here. This means we've got at least as many Citadels as Lowsechnaya - I've seen two of theirs in Aridia - and because these things are appearing all over the place then it means one's corporation is nothing unless one has one (CE are you reading this?). The fact that the thing is brand new and is so big that vast tracts of its interior will as yet go unused and consequently you could walk for kilometres without seeing anyone else, is irrelevant. It's worth having one just to see the magic tethering beam work. It reaches out and grabs you as if to rescue you from the bleak indifference of the void.

But only if you're on our side...

[PHP1] is recruiting!

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