The Backstory And Why This Journal Exists...

The reason I started this blog at all is because EVE has a backstory and a lore/canon that is as complex as any other brand of sci-fi, and I wanted to get in on it and explore it, I wanted to contribute.

I started this blog soon after I started playing EVE Online, and I look back at some of those early posts as being childishly naive, as if I knew anything at all about this enormous, multi-layered sandbox game with its rich, player-centric and player-driven universe. Some of those early posts have now been deleted.

I've had hiatuses from the game here and there like most long-termers, including a big one of some two years' duration, but everyone comes back eventually because nobody ever wins in this game...

EVE is at its core a role-playing game. If you don't subscribe to that side of it, that's your prerogative. But for me, it's the be-all and end-all, the beginning and the end. I wanted to give my character - Cassandra Habalu - a life and a backstory of her own. Why did she want to become a capsuleer? How does she fit into this universe with billions - trillions - of other people in it? Who else does she meet and interact with along the way? Cassandra is on a path and it will end one day, and this journal is her diary of discovery.

I also wanted to explore the realm of the EVE Chronicles, and do some experimental, character-driven sci-fi writing of my own based on this game's marvellous and intricate canon and Cassandra's actions within it. Think of it as a fusion of in-game events, which the official EVE Chronicles don't often embrace and certainly don't on the level of individual players, and wider sci-fi principles involving the occasional trip planetside to do some worldbuilding. I try to stick to 'points of lore' wherever I can, but wherever there are gaps, I fill them in; but I claim no authority. Note: who exactly has the final say on whether anything is canon or not? Is it one person in CCP or what? Is it that guy Abraxas (who must be a Carlos Santana fan)?

That then, is the explanation behind this blog. All there is left to say, is go back to the homepage and start reading Cass's journal.

[note: the image in the title banner is by the late, great Syd Mead; futurist and production designer on Alien, Blade Runner and numerous other sci-fi classics. Check out]

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