Friday 9 December 2022

Grand Theft Supercarrier


The A-3ES3 System, Syndicate

Our allies in the Intaki Business Logistics Union had an interesting time earlier this year when the two constellations of 'Synco Pocket' were invaded by a capsuleer group of gangsters led by somebody called 'Tinkerhell', who, in apparent reprisal for some perceived smacktalk/insult that took place in Placid, attempted to take the Pocket's space for themselves. No agreements, no discussions, no treaties, no cooperation, just pure belligerence. Not even the kind of honour-code criminality that the various factions in the Syndicate are all about. Just pure bullying capsuleers again.

The attack took the form of trying to hijack the highly mineral-rich moons that proliferate throughout the area and which the Intaki Syndicate permits Synco to administer. Not just the moons, but the mining stations that orbit them too.

In other words, the kind of resource war that happens all the time. Everywhere.

Synco successfully repelled the invasion and eventually a form of ceasefire was reached when the aggressors were pushed back to the 'dead-end' system of A-3ES3, where they were left to it.

I had nothing to do with the defence of the area at the time as I was engaged back in Devoid. More recently, when I based myself in our Cathedral in XS-XAY, I went for an initial reconnaissance of the local systems and found a Hel-class supercarrier parked in a fully-shielded and heavily-defended starbase facility in A-3ES3.

It was one of theirs, just sat there. I reported the sighting in our intel channel and somebody suggested stealing it. I did think about it for a few seconds. I mean, it's been done before.

This happened like three months ago. The starbase was a staging post for the failed invasion and nothing else has happened there since. The Hel hasn't moved, and the attention span of most capsuleers dictates that probably nothing will happen, because even a week is a long time in New Eden.

The last time I looked it was still there though. I mean you don't just park one of these things and leave it there and forget about it.

Or do you..?