Tuesday, 23 February 2021

I Saw A Guy Doing The Cosmic Boogie Over Tanoo II

The new generation of Alphas and anyone less than about five years old in capsuleer terms won't know this, but they used to call these 'Meat Popsicles'. That's what it would say on the Overview that your capsule's firmware fed into your enhanced and implanted wetware:

Capsuleers often use the word 'immortal'.

We are nothing of the sort. Our consciousness endures subject to contract and our bodies are replaceable only when attached to external apparatus. Our soul is another matter entirely.

The dude in the image is no longer attached to anything. Not his ship, certainly not his conscience.

This can only have been a self-destruction. May God have mercy on this capsuleer's soul for I hate this kind of waste of resources and casual disregard for life.

I have not been 'podded' in five years. Look it up.

Only God is eternal.