Sunday, 21 February 2021

...And So It Begins Again

I spent a year in Darwinism, which started out well, but then over a period of time I became spiritually adrift and rudderless. I took a sabbatical. Two years planetside, away from the capsule, all my assets in deep storage across three systems, living another life, an actual life, far away from the quixotic pointlessness of killing the unkillable. Two years of distractions, interests, lovers, businesses, and a rediscovery of my Amarrian faith. Two years during which I saw the holovids about them.

Not Drifters, who are no longer a thing, no longer a threat.

This Triglavian Collective, who showed up in New Eden as if from another dimension of reality; scratchy, mutated monochromatic holovids appearing to show them owning the Drifters asses and making mincemeat of them. Taming them. 

One of the Triglavian ships arrived in Yulai, right outside CONCORD's front door. The ship was battered, on fire, and had a thing hanging out the back of it like a hernia - its power source, as near as damn it an artificial black hole. Nothing good can come of that.

Then they started broadcasting stuff: hijacking the fluid routers with bizarre, pompously-delivered impenetrable nonsense about clades.

Then this Collective starts occupying and seizing systems throughout New Eden and concentrating on systems with blue stars and converting those stars into something horrific.

The power to do that; the will to do that; if our Amarrian forces had 100 divisions with this power then our problems with the Minmatar would very quickly be over.

Then this Collective went even further and took their new region of systems, called it Pochven and walled themselves off behind collapsed stargates, the sight of which is utterly terrifying. 

Because New Eden has now changed forever and will never be the same as it was. 

The vision of this shattered stargate in the Madirmilire system was revelatory to me. God's will informed me at this exact moment that the time was right to end my sabbatical and fight for the integrity and continuity of the Empire.

I had already left Darwinism as I knew for some time my path was taking me elsewhere. I now knew where I had to go.

The Imperial Society of Scepter and Crown.


I am now part of a group of Amarr loyalists working to preserve the sanctity of Amarr, the Empire, its interests, its citizens, its territory.  

From now on you can reach me in the warzone.

Amarr Victor!