Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Ongoing Suppression of Heresy in the Empire

 'The evil that men do lives on and on...'

Dark Age Apochrypha and Cultural Relics: Volume 3 - Raihannes Korhominen

In the last month I have participated in a series of fleet actions all over the Empire, which Khimi Harar (LUMEN) has either instigated outright or participated in as a key player, all of which have involved an apparent surge in public heresies, abominations and offences against the Word of God, culminating in the atrocity at Kahah III, which you cannot fail to have noticed since it triggered a subsequent explosion in the activities of the thought-long-dormant Equilibrium of Mankind and its apparently back-from-the-dead leader Ocilan Ardishapur. You will no-doubt have participated in some of the necessary suppressions of pockets of EoM heresy over the last couple of weeks across the wider cluster.

I present an overview of some of those operations below, in as much declassified detail as I am permitted to give:

The Fekhoya Inquisition

LUMEN became aware of a corporation of Triglavian sympathisers called 'Assimilation of Everything Triglavian', operating industrial facilities within the Parses system in the Fekhoya Constellation in Khanid. 

Backstory: LUMEN was very active on the side of EDENCOM during the time of the Triglavian Invasion. After EDENCOM's defeat and the establishment of the abominable 'Pochven' region, LUMEN has sworn to eliminate the Triglavian menace and those sympathetic to it from Amarr space wherever it is found, so leadership filed the necessary 'wardec' with CONCORD (since the Parses system is in high-security space) and we deployed to the Khanid Kingdom for a week to perform the necessary inquisition, suppression and purging of this heresy from the Empire in the name of God.

The operation was a complete success.

You will notice that some of the fleet were using Triglavian-designed vessels during this operation. I am not a spokeswoman for alliance fleet doctrines and the nature of those doctrines is nobody's business...

On the other hand I very much enjoy doing these fleet warp shots with the cam drones:

None of this is satisfying; we do this reluctantly, in service of His Word and of Scripture. If only people would recognise the Light and the Truth of God, and follow the True Path, none of this destruction would be necessary.

After this, we made a triumphant return to our staging system in the Fekhoya Constellation. I contemplated how my former home of Ashmarir was just a few short light-years away from here, and how different life was back then. 

I was so... 


* * *

'The time to hesitate is through'

Dark Ages Apochrypha and Cultural Relics, Volume 3

The Mayonhen Suppression

My own ancestral homeworld of Mishi IV was orbited by a POCO facility that was assigned to the very same corporation that we had purged from Fekhoya. There were other POCOs in the same Mayonhen constellation that were also assigned to these infidels, these amateurs, these sympathisers, these... edgelords... 

There are several Ni-Kunni in LUMEN so this operation had considerable emotional and symbolic significance for us. We all made the long trip to Aridia to perform this spiritual cleansing.

Again, it was completely successful. 

It was such a pleasure paying a visit to my ancestral homeworld, it's actually been a while, well over a year. We took down POCOs in the Mishi and Avada systems and reestablished our own over Mishi IV, which pleased us greatly. 

It is fascinating to watch these things explode in such a variety of different ways...

Order is once again restored. May His Word guide my ancestral homeworld to peace and prosperity.

* * *

The Kahah III Atrocity

I don't need to give you the preamble except to say that members of LUMEN were present at all of the events that preceded this one, but I was unable to participate due to 'operational inconvenience' (jump clone timing, being far out of position etc.).

I was however in the right place at the right time when news of the Avatar bombarding Kahah III filtered into HQ. Our fleet was assembled and despatched within half an hour. A new record, I believe.

It was the largest fleet action I've ever participated in. LUMEN Harbingers and Guardians, and all the other capsuleer fleets involved, against seven Dreads and an Avatar.

It was spellbinding.


The final engagement with the Avatar took place above the planet's terminator. I can only imagine what it must have looked like from down there.

It was operationally favourable to observe the engagement through the Tactical presentation in my neural link to the capsule and the ship, which gave a sense of detachment from the whole thing, a feeling of not even really being there, of watching it on a holovid.

All those lives, reduced to sprites, icons on a grid. The triviality of it. 

The fog of war indeed...

You will know by now that the Avatar had the time to fire several rounds of its Doomsday weapon at the planet's surface, laying waste to large parts of the habitable landmasses.

But with all our temporary capsuleer alliance's combined firepower, it was inevitable that the Avatar would fall eventually.

It was spectacular.

Relief efforts on the surface of Kahah III are ongoing, and will be for some time. There will be some evacuations; and much repair and restoration of the planet's biosphere after the Avatar caused a nuclear winter to exist. It will return to normal, eventually, because it is God's will that nature - the universe - always wins in the end.

But these events are all the evidence you need that dark hearts still exist in New Eden and they must be and will be purged from the Empire. 

'Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever.'

Dark Ages Apochrypha and Cultural Relics, Volume 3