Monday, 17 January 2022

Cassandra Tyrannos


Somewhere in Khanid...

There is a Drifter ship that appears to bear my name.

A couple of years ago - possibly before the Triglavian Collective appeared dramatically and cryptically out of nowhere/higher dimensions/abyssal space with those scratchy holofeeds that appeared to show them owning Drifter ships with complete impunity - a new class of Drifter ship appeared in New Eden, classified by CONCORD/DED as a 'Drifter Cruiser'.

I saw one a few months ago. It was doing the same thing that other Drifter ships seem to do, which is loiter around stargates or stations or whatever, indifferent to anything until you try to interact with them. This one was close to one of the Jove Observatories that were so sensational and fascinating seven years ago but are now almost completely ignored by humanity.

We ignore them at our peril.

'Cassandra' and 'her' ship also seemed to function the same way as the battleships do - moving by interacting directly with spacetime through those prongs; the free-floating weapons turrets; the shield thing where it seems to phase in and out of some other state.

The godless ex-Jove/Drifters are playing some kind of long-term waiting game. They were put back in their box by the Triglavians who were, at the end of the day, more proactive about their agenda.

Because I remember all those years ago when the Drifters started their invasion in the system I was based in at the time - Nandeza. I witnessed huge face-offs between the Navy and fleets of Drifters, then they just stopped. A stalemate developed. Then they came and stopped the Drifters and changed the nature of stars and pulled all those systems into abyssal purgatory. For which only God will pass final judgement when the time is right.

Now, today, the Drifters are still fighting them in that place; Drifters are still in Anoikis and their Hive systems, obviously; but there are recent reports of them hitting Upwell structures in nullsec and generally interfering with capsuleer operations, with no obvious endgame. It's like an ongoing harrassment policy towards us.

Testing us.


The thing is, I remember how the 'Autothysian Lancers' (as they're now known), would harvest frozen and hard-vacced capsuleer corpses from dead ships by tractoring them into their abominable insides and taking them off to God-knows-where. The speculation at the time was that they were doing this on the ex-Jove/Drifters' behalf because the godless Drifters were using the corpses to make more Drifters.

Actually reanimating them and producing multiple copies!

So if any of these things have found my podded corpses...

For the love of God, does this mean that all the Cassandra Tyrannos are actually me??!!

No, no, it's just a coincidence. 

I've been out there too long...

It's just a name some intelligence analyst in the DED gave them, like a codename, for a category of hostile ship...