Thursday, 22 September 2022

If Only Bombs Were Legal in Low-Security Space


The Ahbazon system in Genesis. Yesterday

It's been some time now since a direct stargate link between the State and the Empire was restored - in record time, it should be said - after Niarja was drawn into Triglavian Abyssal Deadspace, and, in all likelihood, lost forever; severing the previous direct link between our two great civilisations. 

'Our' end of the new link is in the Ahbazon system. 

It is now permanently camped:

The tactical situation at the Hykkota gate in Ahbazon, obtained while station-keeping at-range in a stealth bomber under full EMCON. Non-detection by these scumbags confirmed.

Thousands of lives and billions of ISK are lost every day as a capsuleer fleet sits on this gate and destroys anything that passes through it in a constant orgy of piracy and looting. They are able to do this because the shady bureaucrats of CONCORD have determined that the Ahbazon system should have a system security status of 0.4.

Let that sink in. The Amarrian end of the only direct interstellar hyperspace transport link between the State and the Empire is in low-security space, which means the Navy is legally powerless to do anything about the pirate capsuleers, despite there being a Navy facility within sight of the gate.

This is the cluster we live in today. Corrupt, shady, impenetrable bureaucracy with multiple hidden agendas on one side, and pure sociopathic greed on the other. Perhaps they are all one and the same.

The same legal fine print is the reason why it is not currently possible to launch a volley of bombs at that gate camp and dispense with it in short order, as would be God's will. A few days of sustained bombing would see an end to it for good. With bombs, there may be collateral damage, of course, but that would be a price worth paying. Knowing capsuleers as I do though, this would probably result in reprisals in the form of an escalation to multiple 'wardecs' across several regions and the loss of countless further lives. I doubt the LUMEN board would accept this...

A fleet of Dreads would also do it since Dreads in lowsec is permitted, but that would be hard work. Hassle. It would take time to set up. It would also be a siren call to every scumbag for twenty light-years around. And we don't have Dreads anyway.

No, just picture it: the righteous and cleansing holy fire from a fleet of bombers instantaneously turning these infidels into ash, that would gently float away on the solar wind. And then doing it again the next day after they 'reship'.

But CONCORD won't permit it.

This means then, that CONCORD's bureaucratic authority is more powerful than God's will.

Was that a heresy.?