Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Has It Really Come To This?

Amarr Prime, 5/8/124 

Another Foundation Day is upon us. It is once again time to praise God and all that is Holy Amarr - its people, its territories, its faith - and give our thanks to the Great Prophet himself for establishing his church on Athra - Amarr Prime - all those millennia ago.

Khimi Harar's Foundation Day Parade played its customary part:

Foundation Day is a time for the rest of New Eden to look to Amarr as the example to follow; and for us to look forward piously, righteously, to the time in the future when all of New Eden will be united as one Holy Amarr, for the time will come. Maybe next year, maybe centuries from now, or millennia.

It is God's will.

We will prevail.

We are in no rush...

Amarr Victor!

And yet...

Lately I've been having this recurring dream, where I take a Providence into the Halls of Liberation above Pator IV and detonate its engines, just to get things started, so that all the outstanding business can be settled once and for all. 

It's not personal, it's strictly faith...

The Societas is moderate. I am moderate, I believe in our mission of diplomacy above violence. I really do. The Pax Amarria of Heideran VII and his advocacy of peaceful relations is the way, the example. But these dark thoughts occasionally come to me when my subconscious mind is filtering the activities of the day. Like on this Foundation Day when the terrorists of Ushra'Khan attempted to disrupt our parade formation with a large fleet of Thrashers, right above Amarr Prime, above the Holy Sanctuary itself, right in front of the Empress Catiz Honor Guard (peace be upon her).

My God, the sheer audacity of this, an act that was nothing to do with causing material loss; instead an act designed only to cause a loss of face, of prestige, to Khimi Harar.

If this is what we're up against, there can be no peace until the surfaces of all the worlds of those who will not believe are melted by the Holy Light of one thousand Doomsdays.

We've done it before (up to a point), we may have to do it again.

You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

When nobody will listen, the Word is not enough. Diplomacy is not enough.

One must be persuasive.

The rational part of me knows that not all capsuleers are terrorists, scumbags, criminals. and abusers of their incredibly fortunate position as pseudo-ersatz-immortals of great wealth and power and capability. It's just a minority, in the grand scheme of things.


But every day I read the news and it gets more insane.

And what has the cluster come to, when I, a former member of the pacifist Signal Cartel, have become a fleet commander!

Where is my path taking me..?!