Sunday, 4 July 2021

Peace In Our Time


- is perhaps an optimistic and even unrealistic attitude to take in the long term (especially with respect to recent 'Emergent Threats'...), but given the status of the border systems between the Empire and the Tribal Hordes and the CONCORD-refereed 'eternal war' between us and them, we must rejoice in the fact that right now all the systems on the Empire's side of the border are safely under the Empire's control and authority once again.

Also, a number of systems on the other side of the border are currently being repossessed and indeed Reclaimed from the Tribal Hordes and will, if God wills it, stay that way, and the proper status quo will return - namely that the Empire will prevail once again and we will be able to reintroduce what our enemies refer to as 'slavery' - which is merely the imposition of the structure and discipline that humanity needs in order to thrive. 

It would also seem that our allies in the State are pushing the Fed back to where they belong. If this resurgence of our two sides is anything to do with Empress Catiz I and her efforts to forge a closer alliance with the State after her ascension to the Throne of Amarr, then the future is indeed bright.

Amarr Victor.